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The Process

Lasso guest blogger Jason Forrest breaks down how a process drives results, in new home sales and in national championship football.


Let Your Process Take Care of the Results

Whether you’re selling a home or developing a marketing plan, the most important thing you can do is to develop a process that works, follow it, and ride it to increased profitability.


How a Process Won a Championship


I was riveted to the college football national championship game earlier this year. It was without a doubt one of the best college games of all time. Alabama trailed Georgia by 13 points at halftime, but they mounted an inspiring comeback and won the game 26-23 in overtime with a dramatic final touchdown throw.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way Alabama coach Nick Saban runs his program, because the corporate world can learn a lot from his focus on the process over the results. When you zoom in on the process, the results you’re looking for are never far behind because they take care of themselves. By just focusing on his day-to-day process and taking each game one play at a time, Saban now has six national championships. Nobody in history has more.

What stunned me the most about how much the process matters was a decision Saban made at halftime that totally changed the trajectory of the national title.

He put in a freshman. As quarterback. In the national championship game. Trailing by 13. At halftime.

The first question is a simple one: why? Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts had started the entire season, and as just as sophomore this was already his second national title game. Hurts had a tough first half, and Saban made an executive decision in the locker room – he was going to put in 18-year-old freshman Tua Tagovailoa. The Hawaiian gunslinger had never played a major snap before at the college level, but Saban had faith that his untested freshman could get the job done.

And guess what? He did. Tagovailoa had a great game, and he threw a 41-yard rope in overtime to ice the game and win the trophy on one play. Saban had faith in Tagovailoa, and he was repaid with a national title. The process worked. Saban couldn’t have possibly had faith in a freshman if he didn’t have a process around him to follow.


Use Process to Unleash Your Team and Drive Profits


The reason I share this example with you is because I just wonder how much more successful your strategies will be once you adopt a process that just works. I hear all the time from sales and marketing pros in home building that they don’t like to use a single process because it makes them feel like a robot. My counter to that is to look at the best sports and corporate coaches in the world. They all have processes they stick to in order to unleash their teams and drive profits. You need to have the science of the process down first in order to bring your own art to it.

Does that mean those world class coaches aren’t flexible when they need to be? Of course not. But it does mean they can overcome stress and confusion by zeroing in on a process they trust and that works when the going gets tough.

So my challenge to you is to brainstorm one process you can implement right away that will impact your bottom line. Then commit to sticking with that process even when you’re in the midst of a battle. One thing I know about the most successful leaders is that they zero in on the process during even the most difficult of times and they let the score take care of itself.


About the Author…

Jason Forrest, Forrest Performance GroupJason Forrest is the CEO and Chief Culture Officer at Forrest Performance Group in Fort Worth, Texas. With a more than a decade of coaching and speaking experience, Jason is a leading authority in culture change and an expert at creating high-performance work cultures through complete training programs. He’s a member of the acclaimed National Speaker Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group and has won multiple awards for his leadership, sales, and coaching programs. You can read more about FPG’s programs here and find Jason’s books here.


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