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I recently had the opportunity to meet with Bryan Woolley, an accomplished Real Estate Marketing & Sales Executive, whose companies have sold $billions in real estate projects across the continent during the past 15 years. His new company, Fingerprint Strategies Inc., has written a WHITEPAPER which provides a provocative and refreshing view of the North American home buying consumer and their behaviors in 2009-2012 and beyond.

The whitepaper challenges real estate ‘traditionalists' and the status quo. For sure. Whether you agree with the viewpoints expressed or not it is a great read in a transforming market – stimulating, insightful and thought provoking.

Bryan's company is not a Lasso client (wish he was), but the new economic order (NEO) he describes about both consumers and home builders, is forward thinking and leverages the value of technology. Similar to what we have been saying for several years about the power of the database and internet marketing to target your audience, tell your story, sell and build loyal customer relationships. In good or turbulent times.


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