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Improving real estate marketThe statistics are encouraging. Home buyer confidence is up, foreclosures are down, home prices are leveling out, and the market is starting to shift from a buyer’s to a seller’s. You’re seeing it as both traffic and sales start to pick up. Things are going well; you’re hitting your minimum goals – so why invest in a CRM strategy now?

Hopefully, your goal is not just to hit minimum numbers, but to achieve maximum profitability in this improving market. A major part of accomplishing that is to capture, follow up with and nurture every lead that reaches out to you, not just the ‘A’ leads who walk into your sales centers today.

Imagine the possibilities if you also nurtured your ‘B’ and ‘C’ leads – those who want to buy, but may need to sell their home first or fix an item on their credit report. Guaranteed, if you don’t have a follow-up process in place for them, your competitor will. Three to six months from now, when they’re ready to purchase, will you be top of mind?

More potential home buyers than ever are starting their research online – almost 90 percent. That means they are looking at websites, registering for information from multiple communities, and engaging in online discussion to learn as much as possible before ever visiting a sales center. It’s a smart way for busy people to gather information. You know what’s even smarter? A home builder, developer, or sales agency that has the tools in place to respond to and engage with those online prospects.

In a forthcoming study commissioned by Lasso CRM and, numbers reveal that in 2013, of 227 of North America’s top builders, 32% didn’t respond at all to an online inquiry. The opportunity is staggering!

So sure, you’re hitting your minimum goals. But why not surpass them? A CRM strategy will help. For more information, or to be the first to receive the 2013 Online Lead Follow Up Survey, email

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