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We have a saying around Lasso – that good selling combines the right people, process and technology. Here is a perfect example of a client putting ‘it’ all together.


The scenario, Woodbridge Homes is a real estate developer that builds suburban condo and townhome communities. Their typical projects range from 60 to 80 homes per development:

  • Two sales reps at their Pier 16 community struggled to embrace the Woodbridge sales process and philosophy. The Sales Director, after a good amount of coaching, decided it was necessary to make personnel changes. (Good management).
  • The new sales rep hired had a successful track record; she was known as a performer with a proactive style. (Good recruiting).
  • The new sales rep went through a report of all registrations from the last 60 days and also worked from another report from their Lasso CRM system that provided detailed information on all recent returning website visitors. (Good use of technology).
  • She communicated by phone and used targeted email to contact all those people; creating a bit of urgency and scheduling weekend appointments at the sales center. (Good process).
  • The net results — 5 home sales last weekend!!! (Great results).

These results are a radical and joyful improvement from the past, where 2 sales per month used to be the norm. Everybody wins – the proactive sales rep, the manager, the developer principals, and Lasso too because we love to see our CRM home builder software used to achieve more sales.


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