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The Goal of a Sales Process

The goal of a sales process is not to close homes. That may seem counterintuitive, but think of how many steps there are in a sales cycle:

  • Awareness
  • Initial interest
  • Engagement
  • Relationship Building
  • Conversion

The goal of a sales process is to move the prospect along to the next step. Once they reach the next step, your follow-up approach changes, and so should the sales process.

For example, let’s say someone has registered on your website for information. After the auto-reply goes out, you send them a personalized email thanking them for registering and asking a few questions about their home search. You assign to them an “Online Lead” sales process and a rating of “N.” After a few emails and call attempts, you finally reach them, and learn they are hot! They have just sold their home, and need to make a decision within a month. At this point, the rating should change to “A,” you put on your follow-up game face, and assign to them a new, more aggressive process.

The goal of sales process A was to qualify them; the purpose of sales process B will be to get them in the door for an appointment. Once they’ve visited the sales center, you may want to assign them a different process depending on the circumstances.

The good news is that sales processes don’t have to be difficult or lengthy. In fact, the best approach is to keep each process simple and manageable. Using a CRM tool like Lasso, you can set your sales processes to automatically start and stop based on criteria like Rating or Source Type. Reminders appear on your Lasso homepage, so you never have to think about next steps.

Many of Lasso’s homebuilder clients who employ an Online Sales Counselor credit that position, coupled with online sales processes, with increasing closing rates by 25% or more.

A sales process will move your prospect along the sales cycle more quickly and effectively – but only if you have one! For help getting started, watch this webinar presented by Lasso’s Dave Betcher:

Lasso Webinar | Keep It Simple

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