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The 2017 Home Builder Online Follow-Up Survey

Learn where you can out-perform your competition.

The 2017 Home Builder Online Follow-Up Survey is now available for download. In this year’s study, Lasso and Do You Convert investigated if online leads are treated differently based on their source type. We submitted 150 leads to North America’s top 50 home buyers through three specific channels:

  • The builder’s website
  • A syndication site
  • Facebook

We tracked lead responses for 30 days – and the results are shocking! Here are a few highlights:

  • [bctt tweet=”91% of home builders did not call an online lead – even when a phone number was provided.” username=”LassoCRM”]
  • [bctt tweet=”Builder websites have the highest response rates of all the online sources, but also the slowest.” username=”LassoCRM”]
  • [bctt tweet=”Facebook presents a huge opportunity to win home buyer prospects.” username=”LassoCRM”]

Download the survey for the full report.

BONUS: Watch the webinar, “The Modern Prospect’s Journey: Are You Keeping Up?” with Mike Lyon and Kevin Oakley for a more detailed discussion and answers to popular questions about online lead sources.

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