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Operational efficiency is one of the key goals in every business…every company wants to streamline processes and avoid wasting time. Having systems across your company that work seamlessly together is an important way to improve efficiency. Today, most companies are leveraging APIs (Application Programming Interface) to achieve this.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the new Lasso API. Now our clients can use the new API to help their business run more efficiently.

What is the Lasso API?

The Lasso API lets you create a custom integration between Lasso and your other business systems, like accounting and construction management software. Registrant and inventory data can be passed back and forth automatically so there is no need to manually enter the same data into two systems and your data will be in sync.

What Can You Do with the Lasso API?

With the Lasso API you can:

  • Add new contacts or retrieve existing ones
  • Update contact information of existing registrants
  • Capture significant events by recording history or notes
  • Trigger sales processes based events in your external systems

We’ve seen clients use the API in a number of ways, connecting Lasso to both front-end and back-end systems.

(It should be noted that the API requires that you have an in-house programmer or IT team to build the connection between the systems. )

Connect to All Your Systems

The API lets you search for registrants, insert new records, update contact information, modify sales details, and append notes, history, and questions & answers for existing registrants.

Clients have been using the API to connect Lasso to the front-end of the sales process. For example, one client created a multi-part registration form on their website. With this kind of form, web visitors enter a minimal amount of information in the initial form, and then progressively enter more information as they take additional actions on the website.

Clients have also considered using the API to connect Lasso to back-end systems such as contract processing software, selections management, ERP or accounting systems. By leveraging the API, pushing records from one system to another can be automated, and contact information stays up to date in both systems without manual duplicate entry.

The API also lets you keep track of important events that happen in an external system. You can update sales details, ratings, follow-up processes, and enter history items into Lasso so you can send make sure you’re sending relevant information to the contacts in your system.

We’re Just Getting Started!

The API is just the beginning, We’re developing integrations that will connect Lasso with our software partners…so stay tuned for further announcements!

To learn more about Lasso, contact Sara for more information.

If you’re currently a Lasso client, reach out to your Client Director for more information about upgrading your subscription.

Join us for a live Q&A about the API on Facebook on May 24th. Get your Lasso Live reminder here.

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