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Selling By Design Part 2 with Jane Meagher

There was so much information in our last webinar that we had to break it into two! Please join us on Thursday, July 24th at 9 a.m. PDT for the final Fresh Perspectives webinar with national design studio expert Jane Meagher. “Selling By Design Part 2: Stop Thinking Like a Builder” is  a thought-provoking seminar that examines global retail trends and consumer purchase behavior.

Jane will reveal the “5 Vital Trends” you need to understand in order to run a world-class design studio and maximize option sales (although they can be applied to all marketing areas of your homebuilding business). You’ll learn WHY each trend has taken hold (what societal need it is satisfying) and see HOW successful retailers are tapping into and capitalizing on those trends.

Lastly, Jane will provide specific examples for how builders can profit from these strategies.  You’ll learn actionable ideas you’ll want to implement immediately! This program is a deep dive into the psychology of influencing customer behavior and acting like a world-class retailer.

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This is the final webinar in the Fresh Perspectives series, presented by Lasso CRM and NAHB’s Professional Women in Building. To learn more, or to view previously recorded webinars, visit



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