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In the final session in the 5-part webinar series, Angela McKay and Dave Betcher provide tips on keeping your database clean so you can focus on the registrants that matter most:

  • Focus your communication on those prospects who are engaged. Marketers are hesitant to remove leads from their database, even if they have lost interest or are really old (a 15-year-old lead who has never responded, isn’t going to). While you may be hesitant to reduce your email list, by focusing on those who are interested, your open and click through rates will increase. In this case quality is more important than quantity.
  • When you import leads into the database, review formatting of the data. Make sure the data in the fields look correct–states and phone numbers have the right formatting, names are not in all capitals, and you have the right source and secondary source associated with the prospect.
  • Remove duplicates from your CRM. Lasso gives you two ways to remove duplicate registrants—through the interface and in the Client Admin section. Removing duplicate leads on a regular basis helps in maintaining a clean database. (Read more about maintaining a clean database.)
  • Use Custom and Group Lists to clean your database. Make cleaning your database easier by organizing registrants into specific group using Lasso’s Custom and Group List functionality. For example, you can create a custom list based on Last Contact Date to see who you haven’t been contacted in the past year and/or haven’t received a mass mail. You can add these to a Group List so you can remove them from your day-to-day marketing activity.
  • Ask if they want to remain in your database. Re-engagement campaigns are a good way to confirm whether those who haven’t been in contact with you want to ‘stay’ in your database. The SSRU functionality in Lasso is a good way for them to update their preferences.

Make sure you spend the time to needed maintain a clean database. Not only will this help your sales and marketing teams focus on engaged prospects it can also improve the results of your email campaigns!

BONUS TIP: Use notes to add important information about your registrants. You can build custom lists based on keywords entered in notes and send out targeted email to those people.

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