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In Part 3 of this 5-part webinar series, Angela McKay and Dave Betcher discuss sales processes. A sales process is essentially a series of activities that you set up in Lasso to manage prospect and customer follow-up. It provides you with a systematic way to schedule your communication, setting in the system when you are to call, text, or email prospects during the buying process or reaching out to your customers post-purchase.

Here are some tips for setting up your sales processes:

  • Keep it relevant for each lead source. Understanding the how the lead was acquired helps you determine what information to send and when. If the prospect came from a third-party source, like BDX or Zillow, or a paid digital channel, like Facebook Ads, you need to understand what information they have seen from these sources and make sure your sales process provides the prospect with the necessary information to move them through the funnel. For example, you need to provide more background about you as a builder to provide additional credibility if the lead came through an ad. Map out the content for each lead source and for each step in the process—you may need to create new content or adjust what you currently have so it’s more effective.
  • Use templates for consistent follow up. Create a folder in Lasso where you can add email templates for each point of contact—Day 1, 3, 15, etc. By using templates, you keep the branding and tone consistent throughout the following up.
  • Have a strong call to action. Each time you send the prospect small snippets of information, it’s important to make sure that you’re encouraging then to take action and get them back to your website. With Lasso’s website tracking you will be notified when the prospect has visited your site again. This gives you greater insight into what information they are interested in so you can keep your future communication relevant.

It’s important you have a plan. Given today’s climate, you need to think about what content will be relevant to the prospect to help move them through the funnel.

BONUS TIP: Update your prospect’s Rating after each interaction you have. This way they will continue to get the right follow-up that best reflects their level of interest.

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