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In Part 2 of this 5-part webinar series, Angela McKay and Dave Betcher, offers some advice when communicating with prospects and customers using Lasso:

  • Show some personality and be human! In addition to your messaging being more authentic, you also need to make sure you’re using the virtual tools in the right way. Yes, this means turning on your computer’s camera so your homebuyers can see you! Video may be a new medium for some people, but it’s essential to help make that connection–so you need to get over any initial awkwardness. While the industry may return to a more traditional way of selling, these new tools will still have a place going forward when talking with homebuyers.
  • Move beyond “COVID communication”. While initially it was important for your prospects and customers to know your COVID policy, you need to move past this type of communication and connect on a personal level. This means assessing your communication strategy overall: evaluate how essential the message is, understand who you should be sending it to, and look at when and how much you’re communicating. Purchasers need more contact than your top-of-funnel leads so you need to be able to segment your database properly. Also, email is just one component of your communication strategy—use other avenues such as social media and live chat tools on your website to communicate with homebuyers.
  • Salespeople need to become marketers. When communicating with prospects and clients, there is a need for sales to create content and do more by themselves than in the past. Since you need to be more personal in your communication, you can’t rely on marketing as much as you did. With Lasso, you don’t need to create an email from scratch—you can select an existing email from the template from the Lasso Template Library and modify it. Create a simple letter-style email similar to what you would send in Outlook or Gmail, with a company or community logo at the top and email signature with picture at the bottom. Avoid multiple font colors and images in the email in order to give it a more personal look.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t be sending a one-size fits all mass email to all your prospects. Segment your database into targeted lists and makes sure to add some personality to keep the communication personal and real.

BONUS TIP: Stop using COVID in the subject line. Homebuyers are receiving a lot of email with this term in the subject and may tune it out thinking it’s “just another one of those emails”. You don’t want your emails to become noise—the best-case scenario the reader just ignores it, the worst case is they opt-out and then you’ve lost them for future email marketing. .

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