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The Lasso Blog

In Part 1 of this 5-part webinar series, Dave Betcher and Angela McKay offer some tips on using Lasso:

  • Turn off automated sales process emails: Uncheck the Automate box for the scheduled emails associated with your sales processes.
  • Delete automated email activities: View your activities over the next 30 days and check if there any automated emails that are scheduled to be sent (you will see a clock beside it). Select those emails and delete them so they aren’t sent.
  • Review auto-reply emails: Make sure what you are saying to those who register online is still valid. Is your model home open? If so, during certain hours or by appointment only?

In addition, we’ve added two new templates that provides some additional messaging and content for virtual and model home appointments.

BONUS TIP:  Take advantage of the News Dashboard in Lasso. Since we’re in a virtual world, it’s a great spot for everyone in your company to see what’s going on.  Add words of encouragement from the owner, provide tips or messaging that your sales team can use during this time, or embed a video featuring a tip or just showcasing what’s happening.

Looking for more tips from this webinar series? Click on the links to learn more:

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