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At the Jeff Shore Sales & Marketing Summit, held two weeks ago in Austin, the folks from new home listing website presented this video:

The reaction from the audience of new home industry executives and managers was palpable because the message is powerful: resale is the new home industry’s biggest competitor.

Start Fresh, Buy New” is a program conceived by Builder Homesite, Inc., a consortium of 32 of the nation’s largest homebuilders with products such as BDX, and BHI Media. Its goal is “to illustrate the benefits and positively influence consumer perception of new home ownership,” and it includes a myriad of resources to empower the entire homebuilding industry to spread the message.

The website,, is one-stop shop for prospective homebuyers to learn why newer is better. There are videos like the one above, photo galleries of new homes, and information on ownership, quality construction and energy efficiency. It’s a great resource for builders and developers of all sizes to share with their prospects.

For more information on “Start Fresh, Buy New” read the entire press release here.

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