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Social Media Content: To Pay or Not to Pay

Organic Social Media Content Versus Paid

Guest post by Carol Morgan of Denim Marketing


Social media is an established marketing staple. Embraced by large and small companies because of the volume of users on all the sites, social media has the power to reach hundreds, even thousands, with targeted messages. Facebook alone has 2 billion active users (a quarter of the population of the planet). So, obviously it makes sense to have a presence on these sites and to be engaged with buyers. But with all of the various algorithms, knowing how to reach your target audience and knowing how to get the best return on investment can be confusing.


The Answer: Both

As the owner of a marketing agency, I get asked this question a lot, “Should I pay for ads on social media or just rely on organic posts?” Well, the answer is, “You should do both.”


So, what should a company post on social media – organic or paid content? It is definitely a blend of both. Social media is about conversations and great content. To get interactions on social media, you need a combination of posts that pull followers into your page, and then you can post content that pushes out to them. Let me explain. All social media sites have algorithms that determine what people on the site see. Just because someone follows your page, it does not ensure that they see any of your posts. In order to see your posts on Facebook, followers actually have to be engaged with the page. This means that they must like, share, or comment on posts.


Extend and Magnify

The challenge for pages is to create content that followers want to engage with. One way to do this is through a combination of paid and organic posts.


For instance, you could run a social media promotion to highlight a model home opening. To enter, a follower would need to post a photo of themselves at the model home on Facebook with the hashtag #BuilderModelOpeningContest. A winner could be picked at random from all the entries over a two-week period. The winner might get a prize such as $100 gift card to Pottery Barn or Home Depot.


To magnify the reach of the contest, the home builder could run Facebook ads to promote the contest page or post. By running ads on Facebook that target followers, as well as the builder’s main demographic, the reach of the contest is both extended and magnified. Now everyone who has liked, shared or commented on the contest will see more of the page’s information on a daily basis. By hosting the contest and advertising it, you have effectively pulled followers into your page. Now, the next time you post about a new home plan or new agent, more people will see it.


Organic reach of Facebook posts is typically only 2 to 20 percent of a page’s followers, so it is important to enhance reach with paid ads. The variety of paid options on this site ranges from website clicks, to page likes, event promotions, sponsored posts and much more. Using a variety of paid posts and organic posts provides better reach. Your budget does not have to be huge to be effective. It could be as little as $250 a month or as much as $5,000 a month. It depends on your goals.


About the Author

Carol MorganCarol L. Morgan, MIRM, is the founder and president of Denim Marketing. She has built a career on listening to her clients and personalizing results that fit each client’s needs. She creates big picture marketing strategy that includes content development, public relations, advertising, social media, content, reputation management and creative.

Carol will be speaking at the 2018 International Builders Show. Her sessions include:

  • Gauging the Generations: Millennials to Boomers on Tuesday, January 9 from 9:30-10:30 a.m.
  • Give Them Something to Talk About: Online Reputation Management (a Tech Bytes Session) on Wednesday, January 10 from 9:50-10:20 a.m. followed by office hours.

Additionally, look for her newest book on marketing and social media at Builder Books.

For more information on Carol, visit or,  or call 770-383-3360.

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