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Social media — an entire online world wrapped up into two, second-grade-level vocabulary words. Where to begin when breaking down social media for home builders? The most common questions we hear from home builders tend to learn towards: What sites should I be on? What should I be posting? Should I be spending money on social media?

All in all, social media has taken over the digital world, and in order to leverage it, we need to understand and appreciate it for the wonderful connections that it can create. Let’s start by answering some of your most pressing FAQs!

What sites should I show up on?

We recommend focusing your time and attention on three main sites: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We have found the most return on investment (ROI) on these three platforms, mainly because our demographics spend the most time there. From millennials to 55+ buyers, 76% of users on Facebook log in daily, and 90% of users on Instagram follow a business. LinkedIn has some of the best targeting abilities on social media and is the perfect place to reach realtors or post a job!

What should I be posting on these sites?

Now that you know where to be on social media, it’s important to know how to connect and engage with your audience! We recommend posting at least three times a week on each social media platform to maintain constant exposure, but not to bother your audience. You should have a goal in mind with every post that you put out into the social sphere. Whether it be to send people to your website or to introduce your audience to a new sales team member, every post should be created with intent!

Be sure to have a healthy mix between what we like to refer to as “salesy” and “personal.” The salesy posts show off your product directly with the intent to send people straight to your website. The personal posts, such as happy homeowner photos or testimonials, show your company’s personality — which is vital in building your social media brand! Did you know that 67% of consumers consider video to be the most transparent type of social media post? Pick someone on your team and get them showing your homes in a walk-through video series!

Should I be spending money on social media?

Should we be spending money on food?! The answer to both questions is without a doubt, yes! While social media is first and foremost a social platform, today’s algorithms are making it harder and harder for your company to show up on newsfeeds if you are not spending money. Running ads or boosting posts on social media gives you the opportunity to get in front of buyers that may have never heard about you before, or are already in contact with you on the platforms where they spend the majority of their time.

Any of these topics regarding social media for home builders can be talked about in greater lengths! Stay tuned for more blogs about social media on Lasso’s blog, and download Group Two’s Social Media eBook for free to learn even more about some of these hot topics!

About the author…

Chelsey Keenan is the Social Media Director at Group Two Advertising, a full-service advertising agency for homebuilders across the country. A trained expert on Myers-Briggs personality types and a seasoned speaker on topics such as online sales and social media, Chelsey knows what it takes for builders to make real connections with buyers. Apart from overseeing and developing social media strategy for builders, Chelsey keeps up with digital innovations and trends to ensure that builders stay ahead of the curve. You may recognize Chelsey and her rose gold mic, as she was just the official NAHB Vlogger for the International Builders’ Show in 2019.​



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