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Facebook EngagementYou’ve created a fan page on Facebook, you post somewhat regularly and you have a fan base, but how do you get your fans to engage?  The beauty of social media and specifically Facebook is the ability to create conversations, reach beyond your fan base and amplify your message.  Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Encourage your co-workers and friends to like, comment and share your posts.  This increases your authority and the “stickiness” of your posts, and increases the number of people who see your message.  Some people don’t like to be the first to comment, so if you can get some key “connectors” to begin the conversation, others will follow.
  • Lack of time is often touted for the reason for not posting consistently.  I get that!  A couple of ways you can solve that problem – 1) be efficient, Facebook allows you to schedule your posts so create a series and schedule them; or 2) hire someone!  There are lots of people out there who claim to be social media experts.  Do your research.  Read this article by Meredith Oliver about hiring a social media expert.
  • Claim your check-in on Facebook!  Encourage visitors to your sales centers to check-in . . . provide an incentive if you have to.  Mike Lyon, of, suggests giving away a Starbucks card to those who check-in.  This is a pretty inexpensive way of marketing your community!
  • Use images frequently on Facebook.  In general, people prefer visual updates.  Statistics show that there is far more liking, sharing and commenting when there’s a picture to see than just words.  Think about how you react to imagery used on Facebook.  A picture says a thousand words!
  • Use your timeline effectively as well as the four image boxes below your page name.  Here’s a great example of a timeline and image tab box, from Polygon Homes

Do you have other strategies that you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from you!


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