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Lasso guest blogger Roland Nairnsey of New Home Sales Coach gives tips for creating a purposeful process for personal growth and increased sales.

A Purposeful Process

One of my goals as a new home sales coach is to teach salespeople how to create a “Purposeful Process”. This may sound strange if you already believe that the time you spend with clients has purpose. But be candid and ask yourself these questions:

Are you able to:

  • Ask the correct discovery questions?
  • Listen actively?
  • Connect with all personality types?
  • Give a meaningful presentation that is tailored around your client’s specific needs?
  • Demonstrate your homes?
  • Create emotion?
  • Evolve constantly ?
  • All at the same time?

Then ask yourself how often you narrow down a prospect’s choices to a one-of-a-kind home and homesite, ask meaningful closing questions, sit down and recap, and close again. If this isn’t happening regularly, then you have a huge opportunity for personal growth and to increase sales on a consistent basis.

I teach principles relating to connecting and caring, as opposed to being too pushy. Two of my favorite quotes are from Theodore Roosevelt:

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

and the late great writer, Maya Angelou, who said:

“People don’t remember what you said or what you did, they remember how they felt about you.”

When you meet prospective clients for the first time, you can make the conscious decision to help them relax and enjoy the experience, as opposed to coming off as the stereotypical slick salesperson. Part of this elevated experience is to have a service mentality, put yourself in your clients’ shoes, as well as ensure they are having a positively memorable experience.

Make Meaningful Connections

Human beings have a minute attention span. Research shows that goldfish (yes, goldfish!) can currently focus longer than us digitally damaged humans. We must experience new information between three to seven times to fully absorb it. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your answers simple in a sales presentation, ask questions to engage clients, use props to illustrate your point, and tell meaningful stories that capture your clients’ imaginations and, hopefully, their hearts.

Always remind clients of the context of what you are showing them, and how this relates back to their needs. One of my favorite topics is features and benefits. As a coach, I have found that Essential level salespeople share features, which is a perfectly good starting point, more Advanced salespeople share benefits, but the Mastery level salespeople will then ask involvement questions.

This next quote sums up this concept and is a combination of thoughts from two of my early Florida sales mentors and now friends, Walter Blackburn and Tom Daddario:

“Buying is emotion backed by logic. Features are logical, benefits are emotional; the involvement questions connect the client to the emotion.”

It’s important to purposefully “Close as you go©”, as opposed to just at the end of your sales presentation. Remember to create a meaningful ending to EVERY presentation with a recap of all the information clients could need to make the easy decision to move forward with the purchase of their dream home.

About the Author…

Roland Niarnsey

Roland Niarnsey

New Home Sales Coach

Roland Nairnsey is president of New Home Sales Coach and is a world-renowned sales trainer, coach, motivator, author and speaker. He has been a real estate sales and thought leader for over three decades, personally selling well over $750 million of real estate. Today, Roland coaches sales teams to increase sales and customer satisfaction, and his clients have sold in the many billions of dollars. He is a “hands on” sales coach, and his clients enjoy that his training is both highly informative and fun, but mainly that he helps them get RESULTS.

Learn more about Roland’s “Purposeful Process” approach in the upcoming, 2-part Lasso Webinar series, “Double Down for New Home Sales Success,” with Roland and Kimberly Mackey on September 6th and 13th. Learn more and register here.

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