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Selling Successfully Across Cultures

Did you know that from March 2013-March 2014, $92.2 billion of home purchases were by international buyers? Markets in the U.S. and Canada present prime investment opportunities for foreign buyers, who pay a mean purchase price above that of domestic buyers.

These buyers are ready, willing and able, but how sharp are your cross-cultural selling skills? The flick of a business card or inappropriate hand gesture could mean the difference between a successful sale and a negative impression.

In this 45-minute webinar with Michael Landers of Shore Consulting Culture Crossing, you’ll learn real-time, real-world tools and techniques to connect with international buyers, including:

  • Keeping and saving face
  • Assertive vs. Agressive behavior
  • Matching intention and impact
  • Perceptions of the American salesperson

Join us on Wednesday, May 6 at 9 am. PST for the webinar!

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