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We launched Sales Process Automation a little over three months ago and it’s great to see how many of our users are taking advantage of the new marketing automation functionality. In fact, over 200,000 automated emails have been sent!

For those who may have been a bit hesitant, or not sure where to start, we’ve added series of Sales Process templates in the Lasso Email Template Library. These email templates can be used as a starting point for your own marketing automation email programs.

If you’re new to using marketing automation, I recommend reading more about automation best practices so you can get a better understanding of when to use it, and how your sales and marketing teams can work together so it’s more effective.

The sample process in the Lasso Email Template Library was designed to support top-of-the funnel leads—using marketing emails to “warm-up“ the prospect instead of the person being immediately forwarded on to sales. However, it’s important to note that we want the prospect to reach out to sales, so calls-to-action in each email provides the prospect with more information about the builder and encourages the prospect to contact a sales agent, visit the presentation center, and go to your website for more information.

Our sample process consists of 6 emails:

Day 0: Community (Auto-Reply)

We’ve mentioned this in prior blogs and webinars—the auto-reply email is the most important one you’ll send. It’s the one that’s read the most, so you want to provide enough information to pique their interest, but not necessarily overwhelm them with information. This initial email gives the home buyer a high-level summary—provides more information about the project, background about you as a builder, and highlights what the community has to offer.

Day 3: Featured Home Plans

Now that you provide a foundation, in your next email you may want to feature what homes/plans are available. Establish what they could purchase—include lots of pictures so they can imagine their future home.

Day 7: Lifestyle/Neighborhood

This email follows up a few days later and features lifestyle pictures. Whether it’s the beach, biking in the forest, or a Farmer’s Market nearby, help the home buyer imagine themselves living in the community.

Day 10: Testimonials

You’ve showcased the homes and lifestyle that the area provides, now tell them *why* they should buy from you. Potential buyers don’t want to hear how great you think you are; they want to know what buyers think of you! Use video or written testimonials of happy customers to reinforce why buying a home from you will be s a good decision.

Day 14: Builder Story

Now this email is about your story. Highlight how long you’ve been building homes, any awards you have won, and don’t forget to include your company philosophy. Whether it’s your “Customers First” motto or that you believe in sustainable building, share with the prospect why they should trust you with one of the biggest purchases of their lives.

Day 21: Ready to Meet

The prior emails help paint a picture of living in your project or community and gives them the reasons to act. In this final email, this focus is now on the appointment. It showcases some of the key homes as a reminder and of course includes information about who they should contact to purchase their dream home. You can also use this email as the official hand-off to a sales agent, notifying the prospect that someone from the sales team will reach out to them.

Get the Templates!

Go to the Lasso Template Library and use the templates as a starting point to customize for the project or community you’re selling.

It’s important when using email automation that sales and marketing are working together. If a contact reaches out by the Day 7 email, the sales agent should be able to stop the marketing process and put them on a sales process their own.

As you continue to use automation, don’t forget to adjust the timing, content, or order of emails as needed. Keep testing to find the right process for your team!

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