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With the recent update to Lasso CRM, sales and marketing teams can now incorporate email automation as part of the sales process. This new functionality allows emails to be sent without requiring a sales agent’s involvement.

Having this automation will increase productivity for both teams, but it may require you to rethink your current process. (If you don’t currently have sales processes set up in Lasso, the new email automation feature is definitely worth trying out!)

Incorporating Email Automation into Your Sales Process

There are typically three different scenarios where you can introduce email automation:

  1. Before the prospect interacts with a sales agent
  2. After the prospect interacts with a sales agent
  3. Mixing automated emails with sales activities

Below we have a few examples of how sales and marketing teams can take advantage of the new automation.

Example 1: Nurture Before Sales Involvement

In this scenario marketing is “warming up” the prospect for sales and the intention is to encourage the lead to seek out more information, reaching out directly to an agent.

At any point in the process, the sales agent has complete control. So if a prospect does reach out to them on Day 7, they can stop the process and the lead won’t receive any further marketing emails.

Sales Process Email Automation

Example 2: Nurture After Sales Involvement

In this scenario marketing emails are used to re-engage with a lead that may have gone cold. The sales agent can assign the registrant to a marketing process that automatically sends emails so the community or project stays top of mind for weeks or month to come. (In the example below the agent effectively hands over the communication to marketing if they haven’t heard from the prospect by Day 15) .  The goal is for marketing to re-engage the prospect and encourage them to reach out to the agent in the future.

Sales Process Email Automation

Example 3: Sales & Marketing Working Together

In this example, sales activities and automated marketing emails work together to move the lead forward through the funnel. The sales agent is still involved with the prospect at an early stage, but they don’t have to worry about sending out the supporting marketing emails between their manual activities.

NOTE: When using this type of sales process, it’s important that any automated email you send does NOT include messaging that mentions a prior manual sales activity in case it wasn’t done. It’s best that emails don’t start with “I left a voicemail…” or “I hope you got my video…” to avoid the embarrassment if the prior activity wasn’t completed.

Sales Process Email Automation

Next Step: Develop a Plan!

Whether it’s email nurturing before or after sales has interacted with the prospect, or using a process in which sales and marketing are working together, planning out your process is the next step. Download the guide Creating Sales Processes to help you get started or watch the webinar Re-imagining Home Buyer Communication: Managing Your Sales & Marketing Process for more information about developing a sales process.

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