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When you receive a negative review on social media, do you react or respond? Do you immediately feel anger? Do you want to get defensive? When people REACT, they do so irrationally, on the spot, and out of a place of surprise or anger. RESPONDING, on the other hand, takes listening, care, and intent.

You should never react to reviews. Whether positive or negative, you should always respond. And I’m going to teach you the best ways for both!

Positive Reviews

If someone complimented you on the outfit you were wearing, you wouldn’t just stare at them blindly, would you? Well, I would hope not! The same goes for internet reviews. You should respond to every positive review, not only because it’s polite, but because it builds a better relationship with the person who left the review and your prospects.

For both positive and negative reviews, I’m going to give you the three R’s of responding.

Respect: This may go without saying, but always start your response by saying “thank you!”

Repeat: After respectfully saying “thank you,” repeat your company’s name. This will trigger the comment to come up if prospects are searching on social media — it’s good for SEO, and repetition is the key to remembering!

Refer: This is your opportunity to get more information (and referrals) from whoever left the positive review! Ask questions about how their buying process was and what they love about their floorplan, and keep the conversation going for others to read.

Negative Reviews

I know that what you really want is 5 stars, but a 5-star rating is suspicious! Best-selling products often have a 4.2-4.7 rating, so if you have a few negative reviews, it’s okay. It makes you normal. Welcome to the rest of the world! The most important thing to do is RESPOND to any negative reviews in the right way.

Reflect: Before you even start to read a negative review, take three more deep breaths. With three deep breaths, you can conquer the world, and you can surely conquer your gut reaction. You have to reflect so that you can remember, which leads us to our next point:

Remember: On the other side of that screen, there is a person… with a brain, lungs, and (possibly) a heart. But you have to try to remember: WHO is this person, WHAT made them write this, and WHY are they reaching out like this. Lastly, HOW are you going to rectify it?

Respond: The most important thing when it comes to responding is that you take it offline and let the reviewer know that someone from your company will be in direct contact with them. The more that you respond to the review online, as opposed to offering direct customer care, the worse off you’re going to look to other prospects.

Responding to a review can be challenging, especially if the review’s not positive. But it helps to remember that there are three people involved in a review: you, the person who left the review, and the person reading the review and response. The person reading the review and response is just as important as the person you respond to. How you respond to these reviews will impact what prospects think of you. So always stay positive!

About the author…

Chelsey Keenan is the Social Media Director at Group Two Advertising, a full-service advertising agency for homebuilders across the country. A trained expert on Myers-Briggs personality types and a seasoned speaker on topics such as online sales and social media, Chelsey knows what it takes for builders to make real connections with buyers. Apart from overseeing and developing social media strategy for builders, Chelsey keeps up with digital innovations and trends to ensure that builders stay ahead of the curve. You may recognize Chelsey and her rose gold mic, as she was just the official NAHB Vlogger for the International Builders’ Show in 2019.​

Chelsey will be presenting at homebuilderTECH, June 25 & 26, 2020. Learn how to improve your marketing & sales campaigns from leaders in the new home industry. Register today. 



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