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Recap of The 2016 Litmus State of Email Report

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Litmus recently released its 2016 State of Email Report. This year’s report focuses on technology innovations in the last year that present opportunities and challenges for email marketers, and solutions to get your emails noticed and read (“opened” is a relative terms these days). The foundation of a successful email continues to be relevant, timely content for your audience, but you also must provide a “functional email experience.” The 2016 report covers the latest innovations and email specifications from:

  • Outlook app for iOS and Android
  • Apple Watch
  • AOL’s Alto Mail app
  • Windows 10: Universal Outlook app
  • iOS9
  • Outlook 2016
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail
  • Office 365
  • Dropbox

Other interesting data from the report include:

  • The Top 10 Email Clients in 2015
  • Email Opens Increase and Decrease rates across platforms

For any builder, developer or agency that regularly sends email communication, this is a worthwhile read!

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