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Recap of the IBS 2018

by Kathy Thomas, Lasso’s Director of Marketing…

Being new to the home building industry, it was a great experience going to my first International Builders’ Show. I was told that the scale of the show was huge, but I was still surprised when I got there!

Lasso’s table was located inside Sales Central. I was able to meet and talk with clients who use Lasso as well as meet some of our partners face to face, finally! From our location in Sales Central I was able listen to great speakers, including Mike Lyon, Myers Barnes, Kevin Oakley, Mollie Elkman, Jason Forrest, Kerry Mulcrone, John Lee, Matt Riley, and Roland Nairnsey.

Kerry Mulcrone & Angela McKay

Another advantage to Sales Central was its proximity to the education events. While I didn’t attend as many as I wanted, the few that I attended were really informative. “Tech and Touch: The Formula for A Successful Homebuyer Experience” with Angela McKay and Kerry Mulcrone explored the importance of customer experience.

“Clash of the Titans : Marketing Megaminds Debate Today’s Hottest Topics” which was a fun event with well-known new home marketing gurus Dennis O’Neil, Will Duderstadt, and Kevin Oakley. They took some outrageous stands in the spirit of a having a good debate!

Also, I managed to check out Andrew Peek from Do You Convert and Dave Betcher’s presentation at TechBytes, “Keep it Simple Without Getting Left Behind: What You Are Doing Wrong with Your CRM” that showed builders the importance of managing their leads more effectively.

Below are my three takeaways from my three days at the show:


1. Everybody is Eager for New Ideas


If the presentations at Sales Central were any indication of the audience at large, builders are very interested in learning how they could improve their sales and marketing efforts. It was a full room for almost all of the presentations at Sales Central–and I think the speakers gave the audience a lot to think about! In each session there was a new takeaway – whether it was getting a better understanding of SEO, or listening to a different approach to selling a new home.


2. Leveraging Technology to Grow the Business


When I spoke with those who didn’t have a CRM, they knew that better lead management was the starting point to getting there. They recognized that, while technology wasn’t the only answer, it was an important part of the solution. Those builders looking to grow their business recognized that an excel spreadsheet wasn’t going to cut it!

There was also other cutting-edge technology that showed some interesting progress. Using AtlasRTX’s chatbot, we held a contest to showcase how AI could do some of the work for you. And on the last day of the show, I tried BDX’s Virtual Reality showroom. What an amazing experience to virtually walk through a show home without having to leave my chair! It’s great to see the industry exploring how to take advantage of these new technologies.


3. The Importance of Customer Experience


Two of the presentations I saw focused on customer experience. For both of them (Kerry & Angela’s presentation as well as one by Mark Hodges from Avid Ratings) it was a full house!

While you need a to have solid product, how you make your customer feel about the overall experience of buying a home is not to be overlooked. In the age of online reviews and social media, the importance of word of mouth can’t be underestimated. Giving your customer a great experience is essential to your business.


And I had a little fun, too!

Of course we also had to have a little fun during the show…our BuilderTech party that we host with Builder Designs was a big success!  It was a great opportunity to meet our clients and thank them for saying such great things about Lasso. You can see pictures from the event by clicking the photo below:

BuilderTech 2018 Photo Album

I’m looking forward to Vegas in 2019!


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