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A real life example, from earlier this month, of results achieved from combining a great selling strategy and an effective CRM system – 22 units sold on the inaugural weekend of a new project launch, which represents 60% of the phase.

Here is what the developer did to make it happen:

  • Contracted a design agency to create an attractive website.
  • Used their Lasso CRM corporate database (aggregated names from past projects and opted-in leads/prospects) to announce the upcoming launch to these prospects, plus a select group of realtors.
  • Used targeted, consistent email campaigns leading up to their events that included RSVP links so those interested could confirm their attendance (and the sales team could follow up in advance to confirm appointments).
  • Monitored open rates and easily resent unread emails, increasing their read rates.
  • Confirmed 18 pre-grand opening appointments.
  • Sold 22 homes on the inaugural weekend (60% of the total phase).
  • Created ongoing urgency, immediately after the weekend, by distributing an email campaign announcing the success of the Grand Opening.
  • Continue to follow up with leads returning to their website, creating further urgency that is timely and personal.

The website was their primary marketing investment – the names of potential prospects and realtors were already in their database. Getting these super sales results did not require a lot of expensive advertising, marketing programs, or collateral materials.

Want to learn more?  We can show you how to do this too.

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