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This week elite athletes from all around the world have congregated in Vancouver and Whistler for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Games have been a long time in the making and it has been fun to watch the excitement and the connection with the games build, especially over the last few weeks as the Olympic Torch relay has made its way through Vancouver and surrounding areas (after travelling all across Canada and touching 90% of Canadians). The Opening ceremonies take place today – people everywhere are smiling, they are happy, there is a sense of pride and inspiration – the list of superlatives could go on and on!!

Since the inception of Lasso (at about the same time as the games were announced for Vancouver in 2003) our goal has been to serve the world. We've been proud to be based in Vancouver, partly because Vancouver has been a model city for the world in urban development and more recently green and sustainability initiatives. But I'm not sure there has ever been a time when we've felt so overwhelmingly Canadian . . . and so extremely proud of it.

One of the theme songs for the Vancouver Winter Olympics is called “I Believe”. The video is moving and reflective.

At Lasso, We Believe! We believe in the power of our team and we're very proud to serve our customers around the world. Thank you for believing in us! We believe we are doing some pretty exciting things this year:

  • Software Feature Enhancements – whether it's usability, more marketing and sales features, or better ways to report on information or better manage inventory , we are constantly working to enrich your user experience and make Lasso even easier to use to help you convert prospects to purchasers.
  • Customer Service – we want your experience with Lasso to be remarkable. It is a journey, but we keep trying! When a new home builder or developer begins using Lasso, we want to help them get going every step of the way and to be customers for life.
  • Educational & Information – Started in 2009, Lasso runs a series of educational webinars every 6-8 weeks. Topics include Lead Management, Online Marketing and Sales, Sales Management and Email Marketing, amongst others. Webinars are facilitated by Lasso representatives and industry experts like Mike Lyon and Jeff Shore, with more featured speakers to be announced soon.

So ‘let the games begin'. May every country strike gold — with Canada a little more golden during these games 🙂

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