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We hear “Keep it Simple” over and over about many things in both our business and personal life. With respect to email communication to your new home buyers, this concept really holds true. (The same principal holds for blog posts . . . this one will be short and sweet!)

We all think what we have to say in an email is really important but the reality is you'll lose people's interest a lot earlier on than you realize. Don't feel you have to tell them everything in the email; if they are interested they will click on a link to read more.

Keep your email short, simple and visually appealing to the eye. Have the most important message of your email visible at the top – most people will scan your email in preview mode where they can only see the top half of the email.

Carefully think through the images you want to include. I'm not suggesting to eliminate image use altogether; generally, people like visuals, but most people have their images blocked. An email with the majority of the message contained in images will not be effective as recipients need to unblock images to understand the purpose of the email. Make sure your message can be easily understood even when images are blocked.

Put yourself in your new home buyer's shoes – what would they want to see? What's important to your prospects? Are you sending out information about 3 bedroom town homes to registrants who are interested in one-bedroom condos?

Your message is important, but the fact of the matter is, if it's not concise and relevant to the reader, they likely won't open it or read it. Remember, keep it simple!

For more information about email best practices refer to Lasso Resources.

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