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Our customers who use sales processes in Lasso CRM have seen great results in their lead conversion rates. A structured follow-up process means your sales teams are better-organized, and prospects inquiring about your communities receive regular communication.

Recognizing how effective sales processes are for our clients now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made this functionality even better.

Sales and marketing teams can now automatically send emails that are part of the sales process. No sales agent involvement is required!

Lasso’s new Sales Process Automation feature has been an absolute game changer! Knowing we can schedule it, and forget about it – has saved us hours. This has allowed us to focus more time on new leads, capturing more conversions, and ultimately setting more appointments. If you’re not utilizing this feature yet, you’re definitely missing out.

Jennifer Lucas

Jagoe Homes

With this new functionality, marketing teams can now set up a series of automated emails to nurture leads before or after an agent reaches out to them.

As always, the sales agent is in complete control and can stop/adjust the process as needed. When a prospect responds to the series of marketing emails, sales agents can stop the process and assign the prospect to a more personalized sales process.

For a quick overview, watch the video below:


If you’re a Lasso Client, reach out to your Client Director for more information or sign up for the Lasso CRM WebClass Sales Process Automation training session. You can read more about Sales Process best practices to find out how marketing and sales can leverage the new email automation functionality.

Interested in a demo of Lasso CRM? Contact Sara for more information.

Interested in learning more about sales processes? Watch the recording of the webinar “Re-imagining Home Buyer Communication: Managing Your Sales & Marketing Process” for more information.



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