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Keeping track of your buyers needs to be simple. But if you’re not using inventory or purchaser tracking software, it can sometimes be a challenge if the data in your system isn’t organized and buyers are incorrectly tagged as prospects. That’s why we’re excited to announce the new Purchaser Tracking functionality in Lasso.

Included as part of your Lasso subscription, Purchaser Tracking gives you a simple way to enter the details of the purchase—such as price, lots, plans, and contract/offer dates. When a registrant is associated with a purchase, their status will automatically change  to purchaser so you don’t have to.

This functionality won’t replace your contracting software or other back-end systems, but it will give you a more accurate way to keep track of purchasers without using the Rating field.

Use the new Purchaser Tracking feature to:

  • Remove Purchasers from your email campaigns
  • View what was purchased–lot,price, status, etc–directly on the registrant’s profile
  • Use the Purchaser List Report to see all your buyers and the data related to their purchase
Take a look at the video below to get an overview of the new Purchaser Tracking functionality.

If you’re currently a client, contact your Client Director to learn more.

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