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We’re excited to announce our new pre-built integration with MarkSystems® ERP.

With this integration you can now seamlessly transfer purchaser data between Lasso CRM and the cloud-based version of MarkSystems. This will save you significant time by eliminating duplicate data entry as the prospect moves from lead to purchaser to homeowner.

Since information is being automatically updated between the two systems, contact data stays in sync for targeted communication and accurate record-keeping.

What You Get with the Lasso/MarkSystems Integration

Seamlessly Sync Prospect and Buyer Information

Prospect and buyer details are seamlessly transferred back and forth between Lasso and MarkSystem so contact information will always be in sync.

Automatically Trigger Sales Processes in Lasso

Update sales processes or create targeted campaigns in Lasso when a prospect becomes a purchaser in MarkSystems. Information from MarkSystems will trigger a new sales process based on activity in MarkSystems.

View Buyers Directly in Lasso

No need to log into two different systems. You can now know whether the prospect became a buyer AND which unit they purchased, directly from the Lasso interface.

If you’re a Lasso Client and would like to learn more about the Lasso-MarkSystems integration, contact your Client Director. If you’re new to Lasso and would like to learn more, contact Sara.


Learn More About MarkSystems ERP

MarkSystems seamlessly manages all phases of residential home construction using one cloud-based software suite that provides a unified view of all projects. Visit their website to learn more.

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