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Making the right decisions about your sales and marketing programs requires you to have the necessary information available to you. \

With the Lasso Data Export Service, you can use third-party reporting tools like Google Data Studio to create in-depth, custom reports from your data that provides you with information that answers your unique questions about your sales and marketing programs.

The advantage of using a tool like Google Data Studio is that you can build reports based on other data sources (such as Google Analytics or other business systems) in addition to your Lasso CRM data to get a holistic view of your business.

Use the Lasso News to Display Your Reports

One common question we get is how to incorporate these reports inside Lasso.

Simply obtain the code to embed your Google Data Studio report and ask the Client Administrator for Lasso at your company (if you don’t have permission) to add this code to the Lasso News section. It’s that easy!

To view the report, make sure you’re logged into the browser with the same account you created your Google Data Studio report.

In addition to embedding reports, you can also leverage the News section by adding:

  • Sales tips for your agents
  • Share upcoming campaign and highlights from your marketing campaigns
  • Add information on new developments in your community

Get help creating your own Google Data Studio reports. Contact our consulting team for more information

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Watch Dave Betcher, VP of Consulting for Lasso CRM, discuss the importance of being a data-driven organization and how using Google Data Studio reports can help your organization become one.

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