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Over the past year we’ve been adding more reporting features to Lasso CRM. At the beginning of the year, we provided our clients with the Lasso Data Export Service so they could connect their data to some of the most popular BI tools. We then followed up by giving users the ability to embed a Tableau report directly into Lasso…and now we’re building a dashboard within the system.

New Dashboard Now Available

The new dashboard will give you an easy way to get better insight into sales and marketing activities. Interactive charts will provide answers to the business questions and over the next few months, the dashboard will focus on answering the following questions:

  • How are my sales reps performing?
  • How many appointments have been completed?
  • Are my sales reps doing their activities?
  • How are my marketing campaigns performing? Are we getting enough leads?

This is just the start! We’re planning on rolling out a number of additional charts and reporting functionality to the dashboard over the next few months—stay tuned!

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