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Prepare Your CRM for Fall Selling SeasonWith the official start of fall only 2 weeks away, and folks back into the school/work routine, new home selling season is about to kick into high gear. It’s the perfect time to refresh your ad campaigns (check out this one from Corcoran Group shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz!), spruce up your model homes, and clean up your customer database.

Old data can sometimes be bad data, particularly if you don’t know who’s still interested in buying from you. Late summer is the perfect time to scrub your lists, contact old prospects and make sure the people you’re targeting in your email campaigns are the ones who want to hear from you.

Here’s what you can do:

Delete Duplicates

It’s takes a bit of time, but cleaning up your duplicate registrants will help your sales team be more organized and efficient, reduce mass mail inefficiencies, and help send emails faster.

Investigate Mass Mail Failures

If an email is not being sent due to a technical error, you may have misspelled an email address (easy fix!), but if an email address is hard bouncing, that means it doesn’t exist. The best thing to do is call that registrant to ask if they still want to receive communication and confirm a new email address. Remember, large numbers of bounced emails can negatively impact your sender rating with email service providers.

Scrub Unqualified Leads

Run a custom list of all your unqualified leads, and create a special email campaign to determine if their circumstances have changed. If they’re now a qualified prospect, change that rating and get them started on a sales process! In his latest Builder Online article, “Dust Off Your Old Leads,” Mike Lyon gives additional tips for connecting with older leads.

Refine Sales Processes

Have a look at all your purchasers from the past six months. What activities led to their first call or email response? To their continued communication? To their decision to purchase? Use this data to refine your current sales processes to ones that are more streamlined and targeted to your ideal audience.

Create an Opt-In Campaign

This will really narrow down your list to those who have expressed interest in your community. Registrants who opt-in are looking forward to receiving your emails, so you may want to create a special sales process or email campaign just for them.

To maximize your database for the fall selling season, you’ll have to first de-clutter, then refine, to uncover your hottest prospects. Traffic will start picking up soon – the time to organize is now!

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