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“Buyers are not looking to just purchase a home; they want an experience.” In this partner spotlight, we’re featuring NoviHome–a Lasso CRM integration partner. Read how NoviHome gives builders a new way to make the home buying experience even better.

What is NoviHome?

NoviHome is a sales and marketing solution that enhances sales efficiency through a revolutionary buyer experience, from contact to contract.

Through a phenomenal buying experience, we empower sales teams with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver a WOW buying experience.

How does NoviHome help home builders and developers?

NoviHome simplifies the sales process. When a lead requests information they receive an invite to the builder’s custom app. Within the app, that lead can have a customized experience – viewing all of a builder’s marketing assets, as well as financing information, in one place. A sales agent has the ability to track what a lead is looking at and how often – allowing them to tailor their follow up and meet their needs. Throughout the country, we see our clients saving valuable time by following up with better qualified leads – leads that are engaging multiple time per week.

How does NoviHome work with Lasso CRM?

With NoviHome + Lasso CRM, capturing, tracking and following up with buyers is seamless. NoviHome users can easily register leads in the NoviHome Show app which gives that lead immediate access to all of their digital marketing material, and gives agents critical insight into that lead’s engagement. Our integration with Lasso CRM eliminates dual entry, which means that all of those leads are instantly created in Lasso allowing for quick follow up and a warm hand off as leads become buyers. Sales agents save time and stay on top of their sales pipeline.

How has home buying changed over the years?

Buyers are not looking to just purchase a home; they want an experience. NoviHome’s ability to deliver a revolutionary buying experience allows the buyer to revisit floor plans, community information, plat maps, personalized content and other interests from their smart phone is revolutionary for the industry.

Data analytics is an emerging market for builders. NoviHome’s technology allows builders to track buyers. This gives builders and sales teams the ability to better understand the buyer’s habits allowing the builder team to have highly efficient follow up.

Learn more about NoviHome! Visit their website, see how it works, and read some of their customer success stories.


NoviHome LogoAbout NoviHome

Almost 20 years ago, 3 friends and partners set out to change the home buying experience under the company name Fusion Media, Inc. They spent countless hours looking and evaluating what was working and what was missing. The conclusion was an effective sales tool to engage a potential home buyer. It was imperative to use the best technology available and their technology attracted some of the  top builders in the world. They worked with and for Pulte Homes, Del Webb, DR Horton and Lennar just to name a few. With their creative designs and the use of Touchscreen technology they wowed buyers and over delivered to clients.

Today, the founders have re-entered the market under the name NoviHome. They have brought their vision, in-house development team, creative team and world-class customer service. What they have created is ground breaking and never been done before. They are connecting the emotional component of buying between the seller and buyer. With an exceptionally successful business track record and a desire to create the very best real estate buying and selling experience they are wowing clients. NoviHome is poised to change the industry again and for the better. As the home building/developing industry adopts today’s premiere technologies buyers will demand an increasingly easily-accessible and personalized experience. NoviHome allows builders/developers to deliver that personalized experience instantly.

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