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We were thrilled to announce our new pre-built integration with ECi MarkSystems® a few weeks ago. For this partner spotlight, we spoke with Product Manager Colin Scattergood to take a closer look at the system, how it works, and its main benefits for home builders.

What Is ECi MarkSystems®?

MarkSystems software is a complete cloud-based ERP system designed specifically for homebuilders and property developers. The software was built with one goal in mind: to improve homebuilder profitability. Leveraging one end-to-end system helps users reduce errors, eliminate redundancy, and improve the accuracy of information shared between departments. Homebuilders can effectively manage all phases of construction with one unified view of their projects and overall business performance.

How does it work?

MarkSystems is a fully integrated end-to-end business management system that captures, integrates, and shares information from all stages of the homebuilding process. Because the data is maintained in a single system, accurate and current information is easily available for all departments to access throughout the project. The software suite includes integrated reports and customizable dashboards that deliver continuous feedback on construction performance to help staff make immediate changes, as necessary. Comprehensive accounting features improve cash flow, reduce invoice processing effort, and control cost overruns. The Internet ToolKit™ (ITK) is an integral part of the system that is used to manage construction projects and subcontractors by providing real-time updates in the field that flow directly from the back office.

Why is ERP software critical for homebuilders?

Just a few short years ago, small and regional builders could cobble together multiple pieces of software to simulate a competitive enterprise resource planning environment. Today, in nearly every regional market, the builders that compete successfully with the industry’s behemoths are doing it by maximizing business efficiency.

The most critical component of homebuilder efficiency is a cloud-based system that integrates all functions, processes, and people across a single database. Sales personnel, purchasing agents, field personnel, superintendents, and accounting can all share the same data, in real time—and access it from any internet-connected device. MarkSystems homebuilder software delivers these capabilities, providing homebuilders with complete control of their developments, individual homes, and business operations.

What are the three main benefits of using MarkSystems?

Our fully integrated end-to-end homebuilder software enables business growth with one complete and scalable ERP solution.

  1. Easily access information from a centralized source to foster communication, efficient project management, and improved overall accuracy throughout the organization.
  2. Gain full business insight, better job costing, integrated accounting, and consolidated data analysis.
  3. Access data from anywhere through the cloud-based software for better data protection and reduced IT resource strain.

Describe the integration between MarkSystems ERP and Lasso CRM

With two-way data sync, customers can seamlessly toggle between both MarkSystems and Lasso without the need to reenter data. The integration increases operational efficiencies by eliminating duplicate effort and the potential for errors. This saves builders time, enabling a tighter focus on increasing their sales and growing their businesses.

How are your builder clients responding to the MarkSystems/Lasso integration?

During ECi’s Connect Conference last month in New Orleans, we gave our MarkSystems users a sneak peek into the integration and introduced them to members of the Lasso team who were in attendance.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive as MarkSystems users strongly value data accuracy and process improvements. The integration between MarkSystems and Lasso has been highly anticipated for years and we are pleased to launch it to our joint customers as we know the value that Lasso brings to their businesses.

“Keeping data in sync between Lasso and MarkSystems ERP is incredibly important. The last thing we want to do is send the wrong information to someone who’s on contract,” said Chris Hartley, VP of Operations for Dunhill Homes in Dallas, TX. “We don’t want to scrub the database to make sure a purchaser was mislabeled as a prospect. With the integration, we save a lot of time and accuracy is guaranteed.”

Responding to demand, MarkSystems has already taken numerous customers live and are setting several up every week since the integration announcement.

With over 75 percent of MarkSystems’ customers reporting the need for CRM software, Lasso takes expands existing capabilities and takes their marketing activities to the next level without adding extra work or risk to their processes.

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