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Homefiniti by ONeil Interactive is a centralized solution for new home listing management, website content management, and much more for home builders. We spoke with Adam Van Bavel, ONeil’s Business Development Manager, to learn more about this hard-working tool and how well it’s performing for Lasso clients.

What is Homefiniti?

Homefiniti is new home listing management, website content management, and much more. It’s a centralized solution for many of our home builder clients and a standalone service for others. We call it “The Marketing OS of Home Builders.”

As the marketing operating system of home builders, Homefiniti supports many mission-critical activities. Of course, it is the premier solution for managing your website content, but Homefiniti is also devastatingly effective as your stand-alone source for unlimited XML syndication, lead management, interactive floor plans, or expertly managing your Facebook app. Homefiniti is the engine of powerful builder marketing, making builder websites and marketing more precise, efficient, and effective.

One of the many benefits we’ve included within Homefiniti is our Lasso integration. The goal is simple: reduce friction for our clients and increase results.

If you’ve been involved in the process of launching a new website, you know how stressful it can be. The team at ONeil Interactive made this process for us seamless! Lasso is our most important sales tool so making sure that it integrated smoothly with our new site was imperative. With Homefiniti and Lasso working together to provide an effortless launch, it allowed us to enjoy the excitement of unveiling our new website!

Lindsey Bryson

Strategic Marketing Manager, Dunhill Homes

How does Homefiniti help home builders manage their marketing efforts?

Free Listing Broadcasts (XML):

It’s enough work making sure your sales team has accurate price lists in their brochures. Homefiniti keeps listings accurate across the web. It will generate an unlimited number of data feeds (aka “XML” feeds) and send them to all major Internet Listing Services like Zillow,,, etc. Pick which communities you want to go where, and Homefiniti takes care of the rest; tracking codes included. And if this is the only service you’re missing, Homefiniti is completely free for builders who just need XML help. You can sign up here.

Free Advanced Mobile Listings:

Google created the AMP (Advanced Mobile Page) technology to power super fast web experiences for mobile users. ONeil Interactive wanted a way to test AMP’s viability for home builders, so we created as our AMP playground. You’re invited to be a part of it for free — really, no strings. Reach out to Adam Van Bavel for the one-step process to be included.

Marketing Automation:

When your website runs on Homefiniti, home shoppers can can create an account with one click and save their favorite plans and communities, save and share their interactive floor plan choices, and automatically become a part of your email marketing list. Send automatic email updates on the communities and home your prospects have favorited. Price change? New photos? New plan? Yes, Homefiniti can email just the right prospects with just the right information. Automatically.

Market Intelligence:

We firmly believe your website should make your life easier and your marketing smarter. The Homefiniti activity report helps you identify hotspots in market demand — letting you move beyond looking at “Top Pages” and helping you understand what website visitors are really interested in. Get insights on trends of your more popular square footages, prices, and listing details to give you a true understanding of what your buyers want and how to build it for them.

Content Quality:

Homefiniti’s Content Quality feature provides a high-altitude view of your listing completeness, uncovering major and minor problems with your content. In just a few clicks, you’re drilling down to see the exact source of the issue. For example, wouldn’t you like to know when…

  • A community you’re paying Zillow to promote is only showing 50% of your available floor plans?
  • Your oldest spec home has no photos displaying on the website?
  • A community went live without a phone number?

Improve your listings. Increase your leads.

Describe the implementation, support and training process for Homefiniti.

For clients using the platform to manage their website content, total training and ongoing enterprise level support is included.

Builders taking advantage of Homefiniti’s free services will find helpful video tutorials, and an extremely intuitive and easy to use dashboard built to specifically address the needs of home builders.

I have now worked with Lasso for about 4 years and I have had the pleasure of working with Homefiniti for just a few months now. Homefiniti allows me to update the corporate website with our specs, floorplan, and community information with ease. As the director of online sales, I am responsible for serving as the primary point of contact for all new online new home inquiries and phone calls for my company. Homefiniti and Lasso together help me accomplish pretty much everything when it comes to my day-to-day (plus my work cell phone). Thanks to a super user-friendly Homefiniti Dashboard, I am easily able to plug in project IDs from Lasso to make the systems communicate and ensure all of my company leads end up where they belong in Lasso and I can follow up accordingly. I am confident knowing that when an interested lead signs up for information on our website they are going to be fed right through to my system for following up and I will be notified.

Becca Jett

Director of Online Sales, Crescent Homes

Are there any particular system requirements needed to use Homefiniti?

Just like Lasso, Homefiniti is a turnkey hosted solution for anyone who wants to more effectively manage their online presence. If you have a computer and an internet connection you’re ready to go. In addition, Homefiniti is was created to easily integrate with other leading industry solutions just like we’ve done with Lasso.

How does Homefiniti integrate with Lasso CRM?

Homefiniti and Lasso together make sure no lead is ever left behind. Homefiniti ensures that the Lasso tracking code is everywhere it needs to be to track every visitor and website be-back. Your website forms can be customized in any way desired, while every lead gets inserted or updated through the Lasso API. Adding new communities doesn’t mean spending money to edit your forms. With this integration, it’s as simple as copying and pasting the new Lasso Project ID in Homefiniti’s dashboard.

Having partners who are just as passionate about your business as you are makes all the difference! This is something we’ve come to experience with ONeil Interactive & Lasso. Their Homefiniti integration has given us a seamless experience launching our new Nathan Carlisle website. The integration eliminates the back and forth emails between all parties and allows for an easier, faster way to set up new communities. We are so thankful to have partners that work together to provide solutions that make our lives easier!

Melanie Clark

Marketing Coordinator, Dunhill Homes

At ONeil Interactive we strive to always be learning and provide the best results possible for our clients. Working with strategic partners who share the same focus allows us to be more effective in our mission. Having worked with Lasso for years we’re confident our shared vision makes the lives of home builders easier as well as more impactful and profitable.

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About Adam…

Adam Van BavelAdam’s passion is helping others. With a background in digital, marketing, sales, and PR, as well as a genuine interest in listening to others, Adam’s goal is to utilize client input along with fresh insight to create powerful outcomes. A four-time Baltimore City Paper Readers’ Poll “Do-Gooder”, Adam spends his spare time focused on social good.


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