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How to fix the email rendering issue in Outlook 2010/2013

If you have noticed that your marketing emails look different in Outlook 2010 or 2013 compared to Gmail or other email providers, the cause could be how this version of Outlook renders images. Most email providers recognize images in terms of pixel size, but Outlook 2010/2013 only recognizes point size. So unless an image has been declared in both pixels and points in the HTML, Outlook will automatically shrink the image.

For example, the image below has a width of 700 pixels, and a height of 262pixels.

sample image

Outlook 2010/2013 converts the pixel values to points. Because a point is smaller than a pixel, the image shrinks. 1 pixel is equivalent to 0.75 points.

In the Lasso template editor, when you insert this image, the HTML code will automatically look like this:


If the HTML code is left like this, the image will not render correctly. Here are the steps to correct the issue:*

Step 1:

Enter the width and height values within the CSS-style in the image.


Step 2:

Convert the values for the width and height to points. The following website has a free pixel/point conversion tool:

Step 3:

Using this tool, type 700 in the point text box, and click the Calculate button. Do the same thing for 262.

converter copy copy

Step 4:

Copy the value in the pixel text box and, returning to the HTML editor in Lasso, paste that as the new value within the width value. Do the same thing for the height. The final code should look like this:


Step 5:

Save the email template. In the template editor, the image should look exactly the same as before you made the changes to the html code.

Step 6:

Test the email by sending it to an Outlook 2010/2013 account. It’s advisable to test the email with as many email providers as possible to be sure it renders properly.

Give it a try, and if you still have questions, please contact Lasso Support at

*Note: This could be just a temporary fix in Outlook 2010. When this method is employed, sometimes the email template will render differently in Outlook 2013. This method works 90 percent of the time. This Litmus community discussion may provide additional insight.
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