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Online Sales Counselor Preparation

Once an Online Sales Counselor program is launched, your may find yourself overwhelmed with leads. This is a good thing! It means your online marketing program is working and prospective homebuyers are finding your community and reaching out for information. The key to staying organized and efficient is preparation. Here are a few ways to prepare before receiving your first online lead:

  • Have pre-prepared scripts to engage different types of leads (phone and email scripts and templates).
  • Know your company’s common objections and have a strategy to overcome them.The best thing you can do is write or type out the objections, and rehearse your answer. This way, when the objection pops up, you have the answer without being caught off guard. Types of objections could include:
    • I will just stop in the model
    • We are not ready to meet
    • We are not moving for 6 months, etc.
  • Know your competition: understand what makes your company and homes different. Anyone can play the pricing game, discounting, etc. But if you do something different or special from your competition, you’d better know it! If you don’t see value in your homes, how can your buyers? Make a list of your competitors and the differentiators.

For more information on how an OSC can increase your sales volume, download the Lasso white paper, The Online Sales Counselor.

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