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Jennifer Barkan

Jennifer Barkan

We’re honored that NAHB’s 2016 Online Sales Counselor of the Year, Jennifer Barkan, mentioned Lasso in this Professional Builder feature story! She discusses how she grew Rose & Womble Realty’s online sales program, more than doubling her division’s share of sales in the first two years alone. Here an excerpt from the article, where she talks about the pressures of being available whenever a prospect submits an inquiry, which is 24/7:

Q [ProBuilder]: How do you manage/cope with staying on call?

A [Jennifer]: It is very challenging. I have two children. I am on the go with them a lot. The great thing is with this job is you can be flexible and work from anywhere. My kids play softball. If I’m at their game, I’m focused on them but if I have to take a call, that’s fine, and I take my laptop everywhere. I will say it’s not for everyone. I am very passionate about it though. Once you see that (OSC) really does work, it’s like you can’t not do it. Lasso, my CRM, helps me keep organized as well. That’s a big thing. You have to have something to keep you organized especially with the way I’m set up because I have to represent multiple builders, and I have to have things set up to keep everything separated. Having that CRM to help keep me organized was a huge selling point to our builders because they want to know that I’m not taking their lead and selling it to another community. When I get a phone call about builder A, I’m only talking about builder A.

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