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Our June OSC of the Month is Sarah Cronk with Caruso Homes in Maryland and North Carolina! The award-winning OSC discusses her path to becoming a New Home Consultant and helping to establish a successful OSC program for Caruso Homes.

What is your company, role and location?

I am the New Home Consultant with Caruso Homes, based in Crofton, Maryland. We also have an office in Raleigh, North Carolina. I manage the online leads for both offices.

How long have you been in your role/or working in new home sales?

I have been in this role for almost two and a half years.

What was your career path to becoming an OSC?

My path to becoming an OSC was quite different. I was working in promotional products for three years before this job. I had a chance encounter with Leah Fellows with Blue Gypsy, Inc. at a Pampered Chef party. After talking to her a few minutes, she mentioned how I would be perfect for this role. About 5 months later Leah gave me a call that a builder in my area was searching for an OSC and the rest is history.

How many online leads do you manage monthly?

250+ leads a month.

How have you seen online home sales change in the last few years?

Since I have only been in the industry and in this role for a little over two years, the biggest change I have seen since I started is the value of texting. Texting is one of the most important tools I use to keep in touch with prospective home buyers and sending out information to REALTORS®.

How do you see your role/or the OSC role evolving over the next few years?

I really think more and more people are going to be convenience shoppers. If they can’t find everything out online before they go out, they just won’t do it. I think more information needs to be provided online and that OSCs will need to adapt to more of a sales role.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job? What do you do to overcome it?

OSC of the Month Sarah Cronk

Sarah with her husband and two boys

One of the most challenging aspects of my job is being a mom and being able to do it all. I think for women a lot is expected of them when it comes to being both a mother and working full-time. So having a work-life balance that allows me to give my all to my job and to my family.

When I returned from maternity leave my schedule was altered so that I would be able to handle the workload without feeling burnt out. I also have one weekend a month where I hand off the phone to my amazing manager Melissa.

What is the most useful technology tool to your job?

Technology is key to being a successful OSC. The most important is my iPhone–that’s how all contact is made and it’s with me wherever I go. Having a great CRM in Lasso, and another tool we use often is EZ Texting to set up reminders and text blasts.

What is your “go to” closing technique to get an appointment?

My go to closing technique is just picking a day and time and asking if that works for them. “Great, let’s get your VIP appointment scheduled, how about Saturday at noon?”

What/Who are your resources for training and/or support?

Leah Fellows with Blue Gyspy, Inc really helped me not only with the opportunity to apply for this position, but she also trained me in this role. Caruso Homes hired Leah to launch the OSC position—prior to me all online leads went directly to the Community Sales Manager or the Marketing Manager, and that just wasn’t working. Without Leah the program would have not been successfully set up, and I wouldn’t have had the tools to succeed. Working with Leah has also given me exposure to other OSC friends who I talk to on a monthly basis. In addition, sales trainer Chad Sanschagrin with Cannonball Moments, who we have training with on a weekly basis. He has really helped with yearly goal setting and other segments, like overcoming objections.

My manager Melissa is also a person who I go to for support…she has had my back whenever I have needed her. She helps with any coverage when I am on vacation or out sick, and is just a great person to talk to.

Do you have any specific successes you’d like to highlight?

Two of my biggest successes so far have been winning the Maryland Building Industry Associations Online Sales Representative of the Year for 2017, and for winning Employee of the Year in 2018 within Caruso Homes. It is great to be recognized for the work I have been doing establishing the OSC program.

Any tips or advice for fellow online salespeople and marketers?

Everyone loves food, so once or twice a month I try to drop off cookies or cupcakes to the REALTOR offices in the area. Don’t forget the REALTORS because they are a huge part of selling homes!

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

Outside of work most of my time is dedicated to my husband and boys (7 and 10 months). When I have time to myself I love crafting, and watching a good Netflix show or murder mystery.


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