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Kelsey Eissler

Lasso’s OSC of the Month for September is Kelsey Eissler, New Home Specialist at Main Street Homes in Richmond, Virginia. She has been in her role for 4 1/2 years and manages 200-250 leads a month. In this interview, Kelsey shares with us her path to becoming an OSC, how COVID-19 has impacted her role, and tips for other OSCs.

What was your career path to becoming an OSC?

I graduated from James Madison University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After college, I started in the apartment management industry for a few years. When I saw an opening for an Online Sales Counselor with a home builder, I was thrilled. I felt like the position would be perfect for me. I have always been passionate about helping people and intrigued by the industry. So, I was very excited when given the opportunity to work with Main Street Homes and assisting people with finding their new home!

How have you seen online home sales change in the last few years?

Each year, the number of incoming leads and appointments that I am setting are increasing. Prospects want to do their homework and have answers to their questions before ever stepping foot into a model, and it makes sense!

We live in a very fast-paced society, and there are a wide variety of home builders out there to choose from. People want to make the most of their time and have the company, community, and floor plan narrowed down before meeting face-to-face with a sales representative. Especially since COVID-19 started, more and more people rely on getting information online rather than in person.

Kelsey has been the New Home Specialist at Main Street Homes for over four years and has been top notch from day one! She understands the importance of her position and that her performance is critical for our success. Kelsey has demonstrated her ability to connect with customers using her excellent email and phone skills. Her lead conversion, consistent customer follow-up and tracking in Lasso are strengths. Kelsey is also our company Lasso expert and trainer! The sales team and I are fortunate to have her as our OSC.

Kim Tierney

Director of Sales, Main Street Homes

How do you see the OSC role evolving over the next few years?

I see the role continuing to grow. Purchasing/building a home can be overwhelming, so I think consumers will continue utilizing OSCs for fast answers/information to help streamline the process for them.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job? What do you do to overcome that challenge?

I think, like most OSCs, one of the biggest challenges for me is “turning it off.” OSCs are so used to responding to prospects as quickly as possible, and we want to be available 24/7 to answer questions, but I have learned that it is not sustainable. I have found that to continue doing my job with enthusiasm, I need to put my phone away by a certain time each night.

What are the most important tools you use in your role?

You guessed it, Lasso! I honestly do not know where I would be without Lasso. My day revolves around it. It is where I input notes for new leads, keep track of old leads, and keep my scheduled appointments organized as well.

What is your “go-to” closing technique to get an appointment?

When it comes to setting appointments, I look at it as the next step in the home buying process. Once I have provided the information that the prospect asked for and answered their questions, I always ask for the appointment. I feel like I am doing a disservice to the person if I do not ask for it. I let the prospect know that the next step is connecting with the specific onsite sales representative to learn more in depth about their options when building with Main Street Homes. I then ask the prospect if they prefer an in-person meeting or virtual meeting. Once I get an answer to that, I know I have the appointment!

Do you have any specific successes you’d like to highlight?

In July I quadrupled my average number of kept appointments! This year has been challenging at times with the huge increase of inbound leads, but has also been very rewarding to see my final numbers at the end of each month.

Any tips or advice for fellow online salespeople and marketers?

Be honest, upfront and follow through with what you tell people. Prospects are relying on you for accurate information. If you do not know the answer to one of their questions, let them know that you will look into it and get back with them, and do so in a timely manner. Buying a home is a considerable investment and prospects need to trust a company from the very beginning of the process, and for many people, the process starts with the OSC!

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