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Hope Pexton OSC of the Month

Lasso’s June OSC of the Month is Hope Pexton, Online Sales Counselor with Lokal Homes in Englewood, Colorado. In this interview, Hope shares what’s best about working on team and the challenges in the current market.

What was your career path to become an OSC?

After a career in insurance sales and healthcare marketing, I wanted to follow my passion for the real estate industry and decided new home sales was the way to get started.

I have been in the new home sales industry for almost 7 years. I worked as an onsite sales associate for about 2 years and then after having my first baby, I switched to Online Sales.

What’s the best part about working on a team of OSCs?

We recently have added a second OSC to our team. I am so happy to have a partner to collaborate with and during this extremely busy market. I am grateful to have someone to lean on for help managing the inflow of leads and the maintenance of new community interest lists.

Hope has been with Lokal for over 5 years, and she has embraced her role through all the changes of a growing company. Not only is Hope our OSC who manages hundreds of leads per month, she is also our sales training coordinator, who trains all members of our new on-site sales team and sets them up for success. Hope is incredibly knowledgeable about our company as well as the new home process! She constantly goes above and beyond to help the sales team, other internal departments, and customers, and often works late to be sure she hasn’t missed anyone’s request. Hope exhibits our core values every day and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team.

Alex Kaminsky

Lokal Homes

How have you seen online home sales change in the last few years?

Online Sales has changed quite a bit over the years. More than ever people are starting their search online. Buyers understand how competitive things are and need to be educated before they even step foot in the model. I am also finding that during COVID more people are scheduling virtual appointments to start the process.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job? What do you do to overcome that challenge?

I think currently the most challenging aspect of this job is that people are looking for a house now, and in this market, we just do not have the inventory.

The more I can educate prospects on the market, what the home building industry is going through with materials etc., as well as the benefits to buying new, the more understanding they are. I often find they quickly change their minds and would rather wait for a new build versus play the resale market.

What is the most important technology(s)/tool(s) you use in your role?

When I started this job, I did not have a CRM to manage leads. Having Lasso has completely changed my world and increased my productivity!

Do you have a productivity hack you’d like to share?

I love to knock out my Lasso tasks first thing in the morning, that way I can focus on new incoming leads and responses throughout the day.

What are your favorite activities to do outside of work?

I am happily married with two kids and we love to go camping and fishing.

Now that we’re getting back to ‘normal’ travel, I can’t wait to get to the beach!

Hope Pexton Family
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