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To date our blog posts have not highlighted too many client success stories. However, in today’s real estate market, it’s great to share positive stories and we will highlight more of these successes going forward.

Onni has a terrific story!

The Onni Group has several new multifamily developments in progress throughout Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and is one of British Columbia’s premier new home builders with a reputation for providing architectural innovation, superior quality and courteous customer service.

Onni recently announced that in the past 300 days, they have sold 350 new homes!  Not a simple task; and no doubt they have accomplished this with a top-notch marketing strategy, consistency of sales tactics and processes and, at the core of everyone’s business, a team of great people.

Lasso is particularly proud that Onni uses Lasso real estate CRM for their marketing, sales and inventory management.  From capturing leads off their website and at presentation centers, managing prospect and broker activity to email marketing and managing inventory and pricing from single source, Onni captures all registrant, purchaser, and broker detail in Lasso and can easily segment, market and communicate across their entire database.

Some current Onni Projects include:

The Mark V6A Social

We congratulate Onni on a great sales success story and look forward to highlighting more customer successes across North America.

In today’s unpredictable market, selling new homes is challenging. One of the secrets to sales success is establishing consistent marketing & sales processes and then leveraging the benefits of technology for better sales results.  Over the past year, Lasso has been hosting a series of complimentary webinars to help new homebuilders and developers develop both online and offline marketing strategies.  Lasso’s next webinar, features home sales experts Myers Barnes and Mike Lyon – this dynamic one-hour webinar will provide a roadmap to improve close ratios to 30% or more.  Learn more here.

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