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OSC Tip of the Month | Commercial

An OSC’s job is to be warm and engaging, but also to get to the point. When you finally reach a prospect, there’s often not a lot of time to sell your homes – usually about a 30-second window. This is where your 30-second commercial comes into play!

Write a 30-second script (approximately 65 words) about your builder and then practice, practice, practice! This will come in handy during inbound and outbound phone calls, and even writing an email. You never know when you’ll need it, but if you have it prepared and memorized, you’ll never be caught off guard.

Be sure to end your commercial with a question to understand more about the person on the other end. Your commercials is a quick overview of who you are as a company, what you offer, and what makes your homes different, but remember that ultimately it’s about the prospect, and you want to engage them as much as possible.

For more information on the OSC position, download The Online Sales Counselor guide by Dave Clements and Mike Lyon.

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