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Olympics and sales follow-up

Olympian Michael Phelps. Photo credit: Peter Bick

Besides their super-human qualities, what REALLY distinguishes Olympic athletes from the rest of us is their determination and persistence to be the greatest. During challenging times, they’ve developed the mental willpower to acknowledge the setback, learn from it, then move forward. As a result, they achieve better results than anyone in the world.

What can we, in new home sales, learn from these athletes? It pays to persist. If a prospect visited the sales center and then went M.I.A., or if you never heard from them since they filled out the website registration form, don’t give up. It usually takes between 5-7 points of contact to reach a new home lead. Yet, according to the 2016 Homebuilder Follow-Up Survey, only three percent of sales reps made more than one phone call or sent more than two emails. You never know if that person has a series of decisions to make before buying a home, or if they’re simply slow to respond. If you’re NOT following up, just remember that there is a sales agent, more dedicated and determined, who is.

Olympic athletes have the finest equipment at their disposal. Swimmers have the sleekest swimwear; runners have the lightest shoes. CRM tools like Lasso help improve your focus by taking the guesswork out of activities and reminders, so that you can focus on “the win” – sales. The lowest hanging fruit will make you successful. But it’s winning the hardest-to-reach, the most unlikely of prospects, that makes you a GREAT salesperson.

As Mike Lyon said in this blog post, “Remember, it’s not about writing an email that is so magical it convinces them to move forward. It’s not about the phone call you make where you say exactly what they needed to hear. It’s about doing what the other 97% of agents won’t do.” And that’s simply to keep following up.

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