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Our industry spends heavily to drive traffic to their new home community websites and to their sales & discovery centers.   But often, if a prospect is not an ”A” lead that is planning to buy in the next 30 days or so, this prospect gets buried in the database of names never to be contacted (except for the odd email blast) or nurtured systematically through their home buying process. So, while we're all concerned about driving more traffic to our communities, that strategy makes no sense if we are not maximizing our existing opportunities.

We are excited to host our next webinar Thursday March 25th featuring Jeff Shore, a popular homebuilding industry veteran and renowned expert who will discuss how and where to spot the “lead leak”.

Sales: It’s Likely Not a Traffic Problem

Maximizing Existing Leads and Prospects

Some of the Learning Outcomes:

  • Why your sales report is nothing more than a history lesson.
  • Why spending more to drive more traffic is not the best use of your $$$.
  • Why lowering your price might be your biggest mistake.
  • How successful companies make converting internet leads priority #1.
  • How to find 'A+' leads (Hint: they are already in your system labeled 'B-')

Click here for more information on how you can join in this 30 minute discussion with Jeff Shore.

Lasso is presenting a free webinar series in 2010 that brings you acclaimed home building industry experts to discuss the business of marketing, sales and customer service in today’s evolving market.  We hope you will join us.

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