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New Home Feed Banner Network

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New Home Feed (NHF), whose mission is to get users’ new homes in front of prospects, has just announced a  new technology that will generate even more exposure for home builders.  NHF now has the ability to turn listings into scrollable, clickable banner ads, and syndicate them to a real estate ad network of over 1,000 websites.

Builders, developers and ad agencies can publish their listings simultaneously on websites like BDX, Zillow and Trulia by updating them once on the New Home Feed platform. Now, NHF will take those listings and convert them into beautiful, scrolling banner ads of all the plans in a community, or all the communities in a region.

Remarketing within NHF’s real estate banner network is included, which means once viewers click on an ad, they will continue to see it on sites they normally visit, reinforcing brand awareness. Also, some advanced customization is available so builders can target consumers based on demographics like education or income.

If you are interested in learning more about New Home Feed or the new banner ad network, visit

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