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A recent post by Sarah Yaussi of Big Builder is worth a read if you are ready to take the plunge into blogging – BigBuilder Online: Builder Blog Basics.

It's no secret that blogs are a fantastic way to improve your position for keyword searches. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! are looking for fresh content and blogs certainly help with Search Engine Optimization. (Want more information about SEO? Here's a link to a favourite blog – and a recent article called The Simple Math of SEO. The ebook: Let's Talk – Social Media for Small Business is also a great starting point as an educational resource.)

Start blogging. We did and it's working. Our primary objective to blogging was to provide relevant and interesting information to home builder marketing and sales professionals and we've seen the added bonus of improving our position in keyword search. We are coming up in searches that we never did before and it's due to the efforts we've made to our blog.

In addition to improving search results, the Social Media Ninja (asMike Lyon affectionately calls Sarah) points out the additional benefits of blogging:

  • Simple to implement (there are many user-friendly templates available)
  • Low cost (some blog hosting services are free)
  • News focused (fresh content drives Web traffic)
  • Authoritative (promotes link-building)
  • Highly interactive (comment features are king)
  • Spread easily (think RSS feeds)

My only comment about Sarah's blog post is the frequency of postings. Yes, I'm sure it would be wonderful to have daily posts or as Sarah recommends, 2-3 times per week, but quality trumps quantity and think about your email subscribers. You want to make sure that you blog frequently enough for them to remember that they subscribed and for them to anticipate your posts but don't post just for the sake of posting and you may want to consider posting on the same day each week. Also, be somewhat wary of the free blogging software out there – free is a wonderful thing, but sometimes there are restrictions and you don't want to discover that you're limited to what you can do.

Share your blogging ideas with us! We're launching a new blog in September that will showcase our clients' new real estate developments. Send us your project information and we'll post it.

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