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email marketing for home buildersYou’ve spent hours crafting a beautiful email to your database. You’ve tested it, got the right balance of text and images, it’s been designed for mobile, and you’ve even created a couple of different versions for your segmented lists. You hit ‘send’ and sit back, proudly crossing your arms over your chest. Now what? Was that email actually successful?

When asked what constitutes a successful mass email, many people would automatically say a high open rate. And it’s true, the higher the open rate, the more people have read your email. But the true test of a successful email is the rate of engagement. After all, the point of most emails is to take some form of action, right? How many people clicked on your Calls to Action (CTAs)? How many people forwarded your email? Did you have a lot of unsubscribes or opt-outs? These are all elements that help determine whether or not your email did its job.

To start, let’s look at open rate. The real estate industry standard is about 20 percent. If your open rates are less than that, research may be in order to figure out why. Spend some quality time with your database to weed out older, inactive, or invalid leads, and adjust their preferences or send them an email asking if they’re still interested. (Lasso offers Self-Serve Registrant Updates, which allow registrants to update mass mail preferences themselves.)

Did those who opened your email click on your CTAs? If so, which ones? Armed with this information, you are able to constantly refine the content of your emails, making them more targeted and appealing to your audience. As a general benchmark, the industry click-through-rate is about 2.90 percent.

Did the email drive any additional traffic to your website? Are they returning visitors and if so, what information are they looking at? A robust website analytics platform will allow you to see when traffic spiked, where those visitors came from, how long they spent on the site, and the exact pages they were looking at. Again, this is powerful information that will help you fine-tune your strategies and connect with hot prospects on an individual level.

Did walk-in traffic increase following your email? Be sure your sales teams are gathering traffic sources from each and every prospect, so that you can continue improving your marketing campaigns.

Permission-based email continues to be at the forefront of consumer marketing programs due to its low cost and high ROI. Just be sure your emails are not only beautiful to look at, but that they are effective, lead-generating tools.

To find out more about successful email marketing, download the Lasso white paper, Cut Through the Clutter: How to Create an Awesome Marketing Email, or contact a Lasso team member.

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