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The Modern Prospect's Journey - Webinar Q&A

The most commonly asked questions about Facebook, online follow-up, and lead sources.


Earlier this month, Mike Lyon and Kevin Oakley from Do You Convert presented the webinar, “The Modern Prospect’s Journey: Are You Keeping Up?” Their discussion covered results of the 2017 Home Builder Online Follow-Up Survey (sign up here to receive a priority copy), as well as three important lead sources for builders and developers: website, Facebook, and listing directories. Below are Mike and Kevin’s answers to questions asked during the webinar:




Q: Who is the best person to follow up with comments on Facebook?

A: The best person to comment on posts are members of the marketing or online sales team. They are more impartial and strategic minded than others in the company – especially if unflattering comments are made

Q: Is there a way in Facebook to imbed a request more info form that we can link to our email inbox or CRM?

A: Yes, using Facebook Lead Ads, you can build a form right into your ad, and the information can be pushed directly to Lasso.

Q: Should we respond to all comments on Facebook – both positive and negative?

A: Comment on every neutral or positive post (purely negative or inflammatory comments on ads can be deleted). Make the comments genuine and unique. Not canned responses.


Online Lead Follow-Up


Q: How do you respond to leads that come in in the middle of the night/early morning?

A: Respond to leads as quickly as possible (instantly to under 15 minutes), but those that come in over the midnight hours can be responded to when you get in. People have a realistic understanding that someone is not likely to respond at 2 a.m.

Q: Sometimes we feel like we can answer prospects’ questions via email and calling is bothering them… thoughts?

A: Every email you send is a reason for a phone call, and vice-versa.

Q: Phone calls are time-consuming… should we make phone calls one by one as we get leads? Or make them all later in the day at one time?

A: Respond to phone calls as you get them – you can corral outbound calls together for efficiency, but in-bound calls you answer and get back to asap.

Q: If we have a lead’s phone number, do you suggest texting rather than emailing?

A: Texting is fantastic if the prospect has given you permission!


Lead Source


Q: How do you value leads coming from your own site, versus leads coming from listing directories or other online sources?

A: Always respond to leads from your own site first as they are the highest quality, but treating other sources like second-class citizens doesn’t work either.

Q: What are your thoughts on requiring a phone number on the contact form? Is there a risk of the lead not completing the form?

A: Only require a phone number if you are overwhelmed with too many leads.


You can watch the entire webinar here, or see Mike and Kevin answer the three most-asked questions in the Facebook Live segment below.

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