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The Media Spend Report in Lasso.

This feature can pinpoint your best (and worst) media sources and save you 1,000's of dollars in marketing costs (print, radio, TV, signage and events). It literally equips you with the necessary information to make decisions pertaining to ongoing media spending and to analyze registrant and purchaser costs for your new home projects.

The way it works is pretty simple – you input the publication/media, your costs, along with a timeframe that the ads will be valid; and then, associate to a question on the registration or landing page – usually “How did you hear about us?” – The answers are recorded and then reported in the Media Spend Report. You can easily see in a graphical format where your leads are coming from and what is your cost per lead.

If you prefer to view the information in a textual format report, you can see the name of the publication, the start and end dates of the campaign, the number of leads, the cost per lead along with the number of purchasers and cost per purchaser.

Want to capture the graphs and charts off the pages of Lasso? Use Snag-it – a great tool for capturing information on web pages and then incorporating the images in a document.

Lasso TipLasso Tip

Don't limit the Media Spend report to just media. You can actually use any question in Lasso as a “Media Cost” category and be able to see a graphical representation of your questions and how your registrants responded. For example, do you want to be able to visually compare what price range your leads have selected? Add the question specific to price range as a media category and you've now got a graphical comparison of the variety of dollar ranges your leads are interested in!

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